How long is the party?

The party can be tailored to suit your needs, our most popular party package is for a two hour party but we can run parties that are shorter or longer. 

How much does it cost?

All of our prices and packages can be found on our "Areas and Prices" page.

I have booked a party, what happens now?

Your party entertainer will call you the week of the party to go over timings or any special requests you might have. On the day of the party they will arrive half an hour early to set up and will take care of the entertainment for the whole party including music. All you need to do is provide something for the children to eat if you are having a birthday tea.

How many children can I have?

Up to 35 children with one entertainer, up to 60 children with two entertainers. For anything bigger please contact us via the contact page. 

Where can I host my party?

We cater for parties in any space, if you would like us to arrange a booking in a hall near you please let us know. 

Will the entertainer come dressed up?

Yes, if you would like them to. Please visit our costume gallery to pick a costume or to view our Over the Rainbow costume. 

How long should I book my venue for?

We suggest booking your venue half an hour either side of your party. 

Will I need to provide anything?

Just some lunch/snacks for the children and/or a birthday cake if you are having it, our entertainer will bring music and props. If you would like us to arrange decoration for your venue or food for the children please let us know when you enquire. 

What prizes will there be and will every child get a prize?

We ask parents if they would prefer sweets or stickers as prizes for the children, your entertainer will make sure each child gets something during or at the end of the party. If you request a pass the parcel then there will be a present in the middle of the parcel.

Who will my entertainer be?

If you like the look of a particular entertainer please let us know and if they are available we will make sure they are booked for you. All of our entertainers are amazing with children, most of them are actors or dancers from the entertainment industry so are used to putting on a show, they are all DBS checked and insured. Your entertainer will call you earlier in the week of the party to introduce themselves.