Party Themes

8+ Parties!

Our 8+ parties are loads of fun for older children. They include dancing with props, exciting competitions, races, popular music, parachute games, drama games, treasure hunts, tattoos and much more! We like to involve the birthday child as much as possible in the planning of the party so they can suggest their favourite games in the client call! 

Our parties are also eco-friendly with re-usable props, eco-friendly bubble liquid, biodegradable glitter and sustainable palm oil, fair trade sweets.

Your entertainer will call you early in the week to discuss the plan and to answer any questions you might have. They will then arrive 30 minutes before the party starts to set up and meet the birthday child making sure they are excited and ready for the party. Your actor entertainer will then create the world of the party with the children launching into fun and fast paced party games. We would then usually suggest having the birthday tea after the first hour of games, during this time your entertainer can give each child a glittery stencil tattoo (please note our glitter is biodegradable) before singing the all important happy birthday! After eating there are more games in store for the children, including plenty of parachute games which children of all ages love! That leaves just enough time (and their last little bit of energy) for thank yous and prizes! 

Your entertainer will need some time after the party to clear up so if booking a hall we advise booking 30 minutes either side of your party. The entertainer will bring all their own music and props to ensure you have nothing extra to plan.