Party Themes

Toddler Sensory Party

Our toddler party encourages children to use all their senses with musical instruments, bubbles and nursery rhymes your specially trained entertainer will take the children all the way to party land for a magical experience guaranteed to put a smile on all their little faces. Our actor entertainers regularly work with under threes are trained to the highest standard and dedicated to bringing your party to life. They supply appropriate music, colourful props and happy puppets, perfect for parties for ages Three and under.

Your entertainer will need some time after the party to clear up so if booking a hall we advise booking 30 minutes either side of your party.

Please note this party can be tailored to your timings if you would like a shorter or longer version please let us know. 

Why not choose a costume for your sensory party? All of our costumes including our Over the Rainbow Party costume can be seen on our gallery page!